On a camping trip with my boyfriend, We took a photo with the glittering sky , and he said, “You’re shining like the stars.” As I examined the photo, I saw the galaxy’s beauty reflected in me.

Wanting to recreate the magic at home, I searched the Internet for a high-quality galaxy lamp that would resemble the night sky. However, none came close. So, I decided to create my own.

We’ve teamed up with experts in optoelectronics to develop a phenomenal product that stands apart from competitors. After performing multiple tests and conducting extensive research, we created an eco-friendly projector that met our sky-high standards.
The Galaxy Projector’s unique design resembles the universe, its circular body similar to the earth. Creating a real projection so lifelike, you’ll be convinced you’re in outer space and sleep with 153748 stars.

The gorgeous blue and pink hue delivers a soothing effect that illuminates your space, allows you to see yourself in a new light and discover your own undeniable beauty.

We trust that each of us is the only one in the world, like the galaxy, just be yourself. So switch on your galaxy, shoot it, share it and enjoy it.

When the galaxy shine, you’ll shine together.